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In this new era, IT is already an integral part of the enterprise. It is the core center of the company's operation. Increased productivity and competitiveness have brought great and fruitful results.

The progress of the times will change the competitiveness of Enterprises

In today's companies and large enterprises, professional IT department is needed to manage all the company's computers, servers, printers, ERP, Wi-Fi, accounting systems and all related software products. An IT is very limited. With today's technological requirements and continuous innovation, the company's competitiveness will increase.

Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the company's IT system to increase productivity. The experience of IT staff will continue to grow, and hired an IT the company would be paying high salaries on top plus their experience, insurance, healthcare, vacations, bonuses, etc. According to statistics in Southern California, the average IT expenditure is at least $45,000-$70,000 per year.

Integrate budgets and expenditure budgets to strengthen the company’s core operations

We understand all the needs of most companies, and a professional IT must be able to solve problems in real time so that the company's core will not stop. However, there are too many IT companies on the market that charge miscellaneous fees, and none of them can increase productivity and save budgets. We have seen too many charging issues, which have turned companies from the partnership into enemies. In this case, most companies will choose other IT companies to provide outsourcing services.

Therefore, Fast IT Solutions was established in 2016 in Fullerton of South California. Its purpose is to help small and medium enterprises face computer problems and troubleshoot them immediately. Initially, we were just a small team that helped the company repair the computer, but then we found that many customers’ feedback asked us to provide design website, hosting, email server, email hosting, ERP system, accounting system, cloud server and large warehouse wireless network Set up services and management.

We are not only your partners, but also your friends who fight alongside you.

After hard work, we spent a lot of time learning to use and manage these new services. Today, FAST I.T SOLUTION have been greatly increased, and the use of the latest technical services has always been the top priority. We have successfully integrated the old company’s traditional computers, servers, and accounting systems into the cloud system.

These changes have made customers very satisfied and asked us to provide long-term technical services. Therefore, we decided to provide IT outsourcing services so that companies need management/development can hand over their IT systems to us for integration. Our clients include insurance, law firms, transportation, aviation parts companies, online sales companies, restaurants, restaurants, dental clinics, and retail. In this extraordinary period, our customers even need us to provide technical support and maintenance. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads in 2020, providing work at home, remote meetings, and Internet calls are all challenges facing companies.

We treat your business as our own company, desperate to keep your company's productivity unchanged and continuously improve. We will use your budget to help you improve the company's core operations and competitiveness. Make you feel that every penny you pay is worth it. This is the a purpose of our company's top goal.

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